This is The Agile Story Manifesto. This is our manifesto for work, for personal, and for everything in life.

Triple impact with everything we do. People, Planet and Profit.
(Profit is bottom line and mandatory in order to survive but People is more important than Profit, Planet is more important than Profit)

Less is more, less is the new productive.
(Be as laser focus as we can, less multi-tasking.)

Agile, Adaptive, Action
(The world will never stop changing, just be quick to anything, adapt to whatever situation we are in and take PROACTION action, not react to thing has happened to us)

Ready, Fire, Aim
(We talk and plan too much in this world, waiting for perfection. When the cost of failure is not too big to bare, just take action first, fail fast, learn and adjust later. We need more Doers in this world, less talker or NATO – No Action, Talk Only)

Be Human
(In the digital age, we rely too much with technology and we forgot how to be a better human. We emphasize human touch as much as we can, people centric, and we choose human [People] over technology.)

This is, inline with our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), to create a regenerative and humanize economy.

We hope whatever we share here is valuable to you and your organizations. Should you have any feedback or suggestions or interested with any collaboration with us, please feel free to reach out to us.